6 SEO Tricks and Tips for 2017

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.  Let 's break it down in simple words we can say SEO is the optimization of our website in search engine to increase traffic.

seo tips and tricks for blogger 2017,logicbrace

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you to optimize your blog in search engines. If you have any doubt regarding this optimization you can comment it below, i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keyword Density of a Post

Keyword density is the percentage of a keyword that appears in the post divided by the total number of words. While writing a post you have to make sure that your post is content rich and  have the right keyword for the post.

Keyword density is  used to tell the google bot that our content is rich with these keyword so that the bot can rank those content for the keyword. Remind one thing in mind don't write low density keyword or extremely high density keyword always keep a balance between them.
Here is the simple formula for finding the keyword density:

(Keyword/Total count of words)/100

Image Optimization

Images are not only used to enhance the look and feel, it is also used to optimize our blog posts. To optimize an image in blogger we have to do mainly two things fill up the title and alt tag in images.

 Title text-   Write the title of the image you want to show in search engine. 
  Alt tag-    Alternative tag is used explain what your image is,here you can also 
                   enter keywords that is related to the image by separating with commas.
                   Don't write too many words maximum of 15 words.

Optimized images can drive a good amount of traffic from the search engines. We have already shared the article Search engine optimization for image in blogger .

six seo trick and tips for 2017 blogger, logicbrace

Improve blog load time 

Page load time is one of the major ranking factor for google, so we can improve our search engine ranking by decreasing the load time. Improving blog load time not only helping to rank your blog in search engine, it also helps to get user stay on your site. Tips to improve the blog load time - Remove unwanted third-party widgets.

  • Remove unwanted javascript and css.
  • Use CDN links instead of attaching direct javascript and css.
  • Use minified images.
  • Use better SEO friendly theme.
  • Dont use too much advertisement.
  • Limit 7 or 8 blog post in home page. 

 These are only some of the factors affecting the load time but this can make a large impact. 
Google page speed tester -   Google page load time tester

Internal Linking SEO

Seo tricks and tips for blogger 2017,logicbrace
Internal link is a hyperlink that point to the same domain name.Internal links are used to establish architecture in our website,Using proper links in our article can make a decent amount of page views without user ease.


  • Improves page ranking
  • Improves page views.
  • Helps to crawl and index.
  • Improves user navigation.
  • rel="nofollow" attribute is used to ignore the link by search engine. Adding this attribute helps search engine to omit the anchor tag.

Formation post title

The title of a post is an important factor because in search engine this is the first tag that a user see, so your post title is impressive then you have a high chance to get the click from the user. A post title is the best place that you can highlight the important and impressive keywords about your written article.

<title>Add important keywords regarding article</title>

Don't write too much words in title maximum of 70 characters long, make it simple and attractive to user. Title tag for each post should be unique and relevant, duplicate title tag can cause seo issues.

Seo optimized theme

Optimizing your blog theme can make the google understand that your blog is trustworthy.
Seo blogger tricks and tips 2017,logicbraceThere are some other  things that you can  improve your blog theme

Mobile Responsive

Nowadays people are more using smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, so it makes important to make a responsive web design. Google consider mobile responsive as one of their ranking factor. According to my personal experience one of my blog have high mobile views than a desktop views.
A responsive web design can really improve your traffic and google will highlight your site as mobile friendly in their search engine.

Coded Cleanly

Write your xml or html code in a clean manner to avoid every unnecessary bugs.

  • Remove invalid url.
  • Remove unnecessary  javascript files.
  • Remove extra white space and make it readable.
  • Decrease load time.
  • Sort out duplicate tags.
  • Use google web master to check the critical errors.

Original Contents

Original content in your blog can make a good reputation and Credibility in search engines. Google consider original contents as one of the major factors to rank a blog. Unique content can improve better visibility , reduce the bounce rate and increase traffic.


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