What Are Backlinks In SEO? Why Backlinks Are Important ?

What Are Backlinks In SEO?

Backlinks also known as Inbound links are normal links that point from one website to another website. Backlinks are an integral part of your website to rank better in search engines. If your website is pointed from some other website, that means you have a backlink from that website. In the same way, if you are pointing to another website address from your site, that means the pointed website has a backlink from your site. 
Backlink to Another Website

For Example -  This is an external javaglobe website link. Currently, we are pointing this link from our website(logicbrace) to the javaglobe website link. So the javaglobe website has a backlink from our website now.  These are the explanations of What Are Backlinks In SEO?

Difference between the Normal Links and Backlinks?

A link is a HyperLink(HTML link) that is clickable, and it will take the user to a different page on the same website or another website on the world wide web. The link can be a normal link or it can contain the images. The behavior will be the same, once we click on the link it will take the user to the specified website in the link.

Below is the Example of a Normal Link -

<a href="https://www.logicbrace.com/">Visit LogicBrace.com</a>

There are different types of links that are mentioned below. 

Types of BackLinks

Mainly there are two types of links are there Dofollow link and the Nofollow link. 

Dofollow links are the links that we need for the website to rank higher in the search engines. Dofollow links are the proper backlinks needed for a website. There is an attribute rel in the anchor tag that is used to convert the link into a Dofollow link or Nofollow link. This rel attribute is supported by all the browsers.

Example of Dofollow link -

<rel="" href="website-address">Anchor Text Here</a>

Currently in the above example rel attribute is passed with no value which means the link will be indexed by Google and it will act as a backlink to the address specified in the href.

Nofollow links are links that specify the nofollow value in the anchor tag, so these links will be ignored by search engines. These links could be only used for navigation purposes and these links will not help in search engine optimization. If we are passing nofollow value in the rel-tag that means the search engine will no longer follow this link and ignore it.

Example of Nofollow link -

<rel="nofollow" href="website-address">Anchor Text Here</a>

Backlink to Another Website

Why Backlinks are Important?

Backlinks are important for SEO, backlinks are votes or recommendations from one website to another site. Search engines are seeing the backlinks as a vote of confidence for your website. It's a good habit to make backlinks to your website and this will help to rank your content higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Always make sure that your backlink is created from a valid website that complies with the Google standard, if not it is going to impact negatively and the website rank will drop in the SERPs.

The best practice is always to try to make the backlinks naturally from the website. You will also be able to buy the backlinks for cheap money, but make sure the credibility of the website points to your website. I will recommend making the backlinks naturally it will help you in long run. Google has very strict policies and rules towards the Black SEO methods so it is always better to avoid those kinds of shortcuts. 

The Authority of backlinks will be high on the website having more rankings and organic traffic. Google will not only check how many backlinks your site has and also evaluate the rankings and organic traffic that the website receives. 

Authority of Backlinks

Let us say we have an A and B high-ranking website that points to your website. When A has so many backlinks to other website and also A have different article topic compared to your website. B has the same content as your website and also B has very few backlinks pointed. Do you know which website will give more credibility and Authority? The backlink from B will give more authority to your website. There are different elements that they will consider before showing a result in the search engine and the elements are keep on growing. These are some of the things that will help you to identify how the backlinks affect the search engine results. This is the explanation of Why Backlinks Are Important?


Backlinks are links that point from another website to your website which helps in the search engine rankings. There are two types of backlinks Dofollow link and Nofollow link. Dofollow links are the kind of backlinks that we needed for the website that tells the search engine to follow the link. The Nofollow link will add an attribute rel in the hyperlink and tell the search engine to avoid this link. The quality of the backlinks matters from which website the link is pointing to your site. The elements like higher traffic, organic traffic, and the website is aligned with google policies also help in rankings.

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