How to get backlinks for your website: 7 Powerful Steps

In this article, we are going to learn How to get backlinks for your website: 7 Powerful Steps. This is the continuation article of  What are Backlinks in SEO? Why Backlinks are Important? so if you have missed the previous article, please go and read the article for a better understanding.

How to get backlinks for your website?

This is not an easy question to answer, gaining backlinks to your site will take some time and effort from your end. Below are some of the ways that you will be able to generate backlinks.

1. Guest Posting for Another website for Backlink

Guest posting is a natural and easy way to get backlinks from other websites. There are many websites that are seeking guest posts, all you need to do is reach out to them ask for posting an article on their website for a backlink. For starting the guest posting, find your competitors and other similar content websites that accept guest posting, then reach out to them with some topics. If they are interested in the topic they will get back to you so that you can publish the article on their website and also ask for a small bio section where you can mention your website for a visit back. If they are not interested in the topic you have provided, just ask them for a topic suggestion people love to hear this and they definitely get back to you.

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2. Participate in Online Discussions

Online discussions are a great platform to get backlinks to your website. There are different kinds of discussions are happening in online forums. Find the right niche for your website and start answering the queries and post your website links for more information. Don't spam the forums and use this method in the right way. Try to answer the questions in a short way and post your link for finding more information.

Let's say that is one of the many websites where the questions are asked. So you can provide a short conclusion of the answer in the forum and write a detailed post regarding the problem on your website. And you can provide the link in the forum for a detailed explanation. This link is going to help you to gain the backlink and it will also help you in the website traffic. The above are some examples, the idea is to provide a solution and give a link to your website from the online forums.

3. Help other website owners for a Backlink

Another way is to help other website owners and ask for a return backlink to your website. This help could be anything like - adding a contact form, writing content, writing an intro, testimonials, fixing a bug in their website. Just provide some help to another website owner for fixing their problems and ask them in return for a backlink to your website. Most of the website owners will be agreeing to give a backlink for your valuable time.

4. Create pages on Social Media and be Active

Set up a social media profile for your website on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms. Build the brand on different popular social media and once you have reached a good amount of followers and interactions. Start posting your website links and this will help you to get referrals from the social networks to your website. These are some of the ideas and you can do much more to get the links from social media. 

Backlink Building Steps

5. Don't try Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is 100 percent violating the policies of search engines. This technique usually involves different ways to rank your website higher in the SERPs. This method will try to make belief in the search engines, that this website has very high relevance, authority, and credibility compared to other sites.  This will give you the instant result to rank higher but once the search engines will identify this kind of policy violation, it is going to impact negatively.

Google and Other search engines are capable of finding this kind of fraud ways. They have very well-designed algorithms to find out these fraud ways and they are kept on improving their algorithms. If it is today or the next day the search engines are going to identify whether the links is natural or made up. Try to receive more backlinks in the natural way it is going to help you in the long run.

6. Lookout for Competitors

Before going to analyze your Competitors in the market keep some of the below questions in the mind.

  • Where the Competitors have received the Backlinks?
  • What is their Strategy and How are they making Backlinks?
  • How many Backlinks do they have?
  • For what kind of topics or blog posts do they have more Backlinks?

The above are some of the questions you need to keep in mind, then check out your competing websites. And once you have identified how they are making the backlinks with the same strategy you will be able to build the links. Let's say their primary backlink-making process is using guest posting, you can start wiring articles for the websites to receive the backlinks. There are different websites and tools that will help you to identify these kinds of information of the websites. Some websites are -,,

Steps to make backlinks in 2022

7. Create High Quality for your Niche

This is a natural way of building backlinks to your websites. But you need to write top-class content for your website to get linked by other websites. Whenever you are planning to write content on your website, keep in mind that the content should be a masterpiece that the other website owner should link back to your site. This is not an easy process, it is a time-consuming process that will keep on improving your website's credibility. Once you reach a good amount of authority and credibility of your website the backlinks will keep on increasing. 

Above are some of the tricks and tips that will help you to build backlinks for your website. Always find an opportunity to get a backlink from another website. These are only 6 steps I have shared to build the backlinks of your website, there are dozens of methods that exist and will be shared in the upcoming articles.

This article How to get backlinks for your website: 7 Powerful Steps helps you to increase the natural backlinks to your website.

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